Professional Dual Ended Brush

Professional Dual Ended Brush

Reference BRUSH08

Our Professional Dual Ended Brush has been designed to bring together in a single tool, everything you need to sculpt, flesh out and discipline your eyebrows. 



The angled tip of our Our Professional Dual Ended Brush allows you to fill in and shape the eyebrows with precision, while the wand brush allows you to gently style your eyebrows. 

It is also the ideal tool for applying a creamy eyeliner on the upper eyelid or eyeshadow on the lash lines.

Application tips

Brush the eyebrow downwards using the spoolie end. 

Pick up the eyebrow defining cream with the angled tip. 

Redraw the upper line of the eyebrow as desired. 

Brush the eyebrow upwards. 

Redraw the lower line of the eyebrow and fill in between the two lines.

Brush once more for a natural-looking result.


Synthetic Fibers 

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